Exit the Game – The Abandoned Cabin

Exit the Game is a series of escape rooms in a box by Thames & Kosmos. Given that escape rooms can be pricey at times, I was happy to spend £13 on a at home escape room and give it a go.

My recommendation is to do, give it a go.

The abandoned cabin is a game rated 2.5/5 for difficulty, we started with this one as it allowed us to judge the relative difficulty before we got more.

It was just me and my partner doing this game, it comes with an app which explains all the game materials and there is a little booklet. The app has a timer with atmospheric music, and gives you a scoring system based on time and how many clue cards you have used.

The game mechanically works well with a decoder disk, riddle cards, answer cards and clue cards. With most escape rooms you have an hour as a time limit, the game obviously can’t have a time limit, the suggestion is between an hour and 2 hours as a likely duration. The game is designed to be a once use game, with some materials being designed to be destroyed in the process. We saved these with use of a photocopier as we would like to pass the game around our family and friends who also enjoy escape rooms and board games.

The riddles were fun to work through, and the game gave us a good level of entertainment. It was a lower-mid level difficulty and I would agree with the 2.5/5 rating that it has given itself.

It took us 56 minutes to complete and we used one help card in the process (the first help card confirms what you need to solve the riddle) which according to their scoring grid is 8/10 stars. It was really enjoyable to be able to play on the sofa at home.

Naturally being an at home escape game, atmosphere is not easy to generate. We used the timer on the app and associated creepy music which did help create some atmosphere in our living room.

Overall verdict is 3/5 – I would recommend having a look as it was enjoyable, and I immediately ordered two more, more difficult Exit the Games.

Difficulty: 2.5/5

Atmosphere: 2/5

Variety: 3/5

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