Exit the Game – The Forbidden Castle

‘The Forbidden Castle’ was another Thames & Kosmos Escape Game in a box that I purchased having enjoyed ‘The Abandoned Cabin’. We opted for ‘The Forbidden Castle’ as it was self rated as a 4/5 difficulty.

Again it was just me and my partner, and we noticed the difference in the difficulty straight away. The first riddle took us a while, and we needed to use a number of clues to solve the game. It was really enjoyable and we really had to bend our brains for many of the riddles. There was a variety of riddles, and one thing we liked was that there was a point in the game where you had to choose which way to go, overall this choice only affected the one riddle, but I liked the idea that you could play a slightly different game to your friends.

For £13 I felt like I got a great value for money as it was a good afternoon playing the game, and much cheaper than going out and finding a room (I love rooms, but why not supplement the rooms with the at home games?!)

Again I thought the game was well designed. The riddles which did require materials to be destroyed, we photocopied so that we could pass the game around (my family will love having crack at this one to see if they can beat our time.) I think most groups would need to set aside more than an our for this particular one. We had 2 players and the game styles itself as for up to 4 players, it is more linear in nature, but being an at home game that is inevitable and with just a couple of people, I don’t mind that at all.

Overall I am very pleased with the purchase and I look forward to tackling the other game I bought at the same time. It took us 97 minutes to finish the game with a few clues, the app gave us a 5/10 rating, which was not quite as good as the last one.

Overall verdict I would give it a 4/5

Difficulty 4/5

Atmosphere 2/5

Variety 3/5


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