Exit the Game – The Pharaoh’s Tomb

This is another Escape Game in a box from Thames & Kosmos, I bought this at the same time as ‘The Forbidden Castle’ and it is a self rated 4/5 difficulty.

I really enjoyed this game, more so personally than the Forbidden Castle one (though that could be because I spent significantly less time being stumped by the riddles!) The way this game worked, it felt slightly less linear, with points which you could tackle a couple of riddles at a time.

I can only really emphasis that I think these games are a great to supplement rooms if you are an escape game fan (especially if you also like board games). This is the third one we have done in as many weeks, and I am undoubtedly going to buy a couple more of amazon. We managed to make good use of our printer to avoid destroying the game materials so that we can pass the game around to friends and family.

I think for those who are curious about escape games but are skeptical about splashing out for a room straight off the bat, these can be a nice little hook to see if you will get on with the concept. Saying that these games aren’t just for beginners ( I wouldn’t quite yet call myself a veteran escape gamer yet, but I’ve been through a few rooms) those who know their way around a room should also find these enjoyable, naturally it is less looking for things with your eyes and more solving the riddle.

One thing I like, is that that the clues for each puzzle are levelled (not sure if that is the best word?), the first clue says what you need to solve the puzzle, and then the 2nd and 3rd clues are for how to solve the puzzles.

We completed this game in 56:14 and used two 1st clue cards. The game gives that a 8/10 mark. While the game styles itself as a 4/5 difficulty I would score it as a 3/5.

Overall verdict is a fair 3/5

Difficulty 3/5

Atmosphere 2/5

Variety 3/5

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