Exciting Game, Oxford: Diamond

While in Oxford, this was our second escape game of the day. The front door to the premises can be easily missed as it is a small door between two shop fronts. The presentation of the premises is was poor and not clean which is disappointing when you are waiting to go into the room. A member of our team from this morning had already done this game so we were 5 this time.

The premise of the game is that you are thieves who are trying to heist a diamond from a holiday home. They had originally tried to have a patrolling ‘security guard’ that you were suppose to hid from, however we were told that this was removed due to patrons damaging the room trying to hid. That was an aspect we were looking forward to from the website so weren’t too chuffed it had been removed while still being an advertised aspect of the game. They have a 5 clue limit, you ask for clues through a walkie talkie.

The presentation of the game was poor ( I was already expecting this from the rest of the business) given that the game was based on stealing a diamond from a holiday home (all screaming wealth) the presentation was dirty, dingy and there were plenty of damaged bits in the room. I found this seriously detracted from the game. The game host has no enthusiasm about him, he was plain and uninterested in giving any context to the room and even barely did a safety brief.

The game says it is suitable for up to 5 players, I can imagine 5 new players it would be fine, but half of our team had nothing to do. There were not many puzzles in the game and only one of them was challenging (we did have to ask for a single clue on this puzzle.)

The game didn’t have multiple areas really (small cupboard behind a mirror aside.) the room wasn’t locked so to get time stopped I had to just open the unlocked door and shout through to the host to make him aware.

Overall, my least favourite game I have done to date, I would give it a 1.5/5. We escaped in 36.52. I would say give it a skip if you are in Oxford. Compared to Escape Hunt, it was the other end of the scale.

Difficulty 2/5

Atmosphere 0/5

Variety 1/5

Exciting Game Website

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