Escape Hunt, Oxford – Blackbeard’s Treasure

This was our third game at Escape Hunt in Oxford and our second of the day! Escape Hunt were very good about resetting the rooms quickly so that we didn’t have to wait 45 minutes to go back in (still time to grab a milkshake however!)

The second room my group of 4 did was their ‘Blackbeard’s Treasure’ game. Again the host gave us the introduction ‘Blackbeard has been shot in a battle and died, you are daring pirates who have boarded his ship to recover his treasure before the ship is taken down by the water’ and in we went.

As expected the presentation of the room was excellent! There is a good balance of finding objects and puzzles to work out in this room, and there seemed to also be a few red herrings as well, making it more difficult. We were very stubborn with this room, having just managed a room without asking for any clues, we ignored our hosts occasional reminders that she was on hand to nudge us if we were stuck.

One thing that threw us a bit was a particular puzzle was sign posted in a few separate ways, once we had solved it it left us thinking we still had another to solve. This room had some very different puzzles to ones we had solved before (and some of the type we had only come across once before.) I think this was one of the more difficult rooms we’ve done.

The game was good for having lots of things which could be tackled at the same time, no-one was ever not doing something. The room fitted it’s story very well (as you would expect) and the design of the room meant nothing felt too contrived!

Attention to detail is key in this game. Overall I’m giving it a 4.5/5. The game lost .5 from a perfect score by some of the extra sign posting for some puzzles which caused confusion. It was. Brilliant game and one I would recommend more so for those who have done a few games than beginners!

Difficulty 4.5/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Variety 5/5

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