Escape Milton Keynes – Witchcraft and Wizardry

This was a very impromptu escape room. This morning my other half asked he if I wanted to do one [is that even a question?!] and saw this room had an afternoon slot. My sister and her other half had previously done this room together and being the competitive siblings we are I was jumping at the opportunity to beat her! This centre offer student discount as well, which for us was a bonus!

The game is based in Wolverton, on the sub-urns of Milton Keynes. To find the door you need to go around the back, down an alleyway if sorts so.

We were arrived and very quickly whisked into the room with a very short ‘have you done a room before? Do you know how these padlocks work’ and a very short scene setting introduction. It’s the first day at magic school and someone has stolen and hidden your wand. You must find it and make it to your first class in an hour. There was no normal safety brief and we weren’t offered the chance to put anything in a locker. Through the door we went. The room is well decorated with a screen for background music and clues. We asked for clues to only appear when we asked for them. The background music was the theme music of a very famous franchise.

We flew through the first couple of puzzles and then hit some slightly trickier ones. There were a few puzzles which slowed us down by us not picking up on the detail. There were occasions in the room where you could here the hosts and other gamers in the reception while we were gaming which for me broke the atmosphere down a bit. A couple of stiff padlocks threw us as well as we needed to ask the hosts for a clue to find out we were right all along.

The variety of puzzles in this game is great, though mainly padlock based. Attention to detail is key and I could tell where a lot of groups may loose a lot of time in this game. My overall feeling is that as a game it is very middle of the road, it’s fun but not exceptional as far as escape rooms go!

It was my first time doing an escape room with just two people and you can certainly notice how much more there is to do! We cut it very fine with escaping with a time of 59.01.

Overall verdict is a 3/5 it’s a game I would recommend for smaller groups, I think 6 people would be too much in this game. It’s a decent room and I’m sure we will be back to do the centre’s other (supposedly harder) game!

Difficulty 3/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Variety 3.5/5

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