Escape for Real, Milton Keynes – Beyond Zero

Escape for Real have recently opened up a second room, their first room ‘Portal’ was the first review I did back in November.

We arrived at the venue, to find the same friendly host as when we went through Portal a few months ago. We arrived and she ran us through the need to know and set the scene (I definitely prefer the hosts setting the scene rather than the laminated card!). The waiting area is very simple with the decoration for the outside of the room, clean and bright. She gave us the radio to ask for clues, made sure we knew how to work it and in we went.

The pretence for the room is linked to their first room. The professor who created the generator which created a portal between two worlds has gone missing. Operatives are after him and will deal with anyone who gets in their way, your task is to find the generator and power it to close the portal, but don’t get caught! (You do have to hide at some point during this room)

When you enter the room is simply decorated as an office. There was a variety of puzzles between padlocks, codes, keys and doing things which trigger remote magnetic locks. Knowing that we had to hide at some point certainly made me more jumpy at any noises, but I love the idea that there is extra risk is getting locked in. There were some types of puzzle which we hadn’t come across before in an escape room, which was interesting. While in the first section we didn’t have an idea of what time were taking, once through to the second area we then had the count down clock.

We did have to ask for a couple of clues, some of them were because we had tried things but not with enough finesse to trigger the action to know we were on the right track, so I would suggest trying things a few times if you think you are on the right track. As with the last room we did here, you have to be careful to check everywhere when you open something to not miss key items.

This room was more difficult I think than the portal room. It was a good, well thought out room, which I would certainly recommend. We are the first group of 3 to escape the room since it opened a couple of months ago. We escaped in 56:15

I’d give an overall rating of 4/5, a definite recommendation, I think it may have been a bit easier with a couple off extra people, but still fun!

Difficulty 4/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Variety 4/5


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