Print at Home Adventures – Escape from Area 51

I came across Print at Home Adventures on Etsy and given they had good reviews on a number of their games decided to purchase one and give it a go.

I decided on the Escape from Area 51, which I purchased and the receipt from Etsy contained the link to download the game materials to print out.

Curiosity – that’s what locked you up here. Passing out in the middle of a field in Nevada was not the scenario you imagined when planning to find out more about the obscure Area 51. The sonic boom that hit you when that flying thing took off threw you to the ground, causing a pretty serious head injury. You were seen on their security systems (obviously), so they took you to their medical facility to take care of the wound. They couldn’t let you out and tell the whole nation what you’ve seen. You’re now locked in this facility with no one around. You see the exit door in the hallway, but in the room next to yours there is a strange creature lying on an operating table. Aren’t you curious to know more before you leave?

The game instructs you to just spread all the game materials out and just start looking for puzzles to do. The game ends when you have the 7 digit code, you scan the QR code in the game materials and enter the code into the games website.

I wouldn’t call the ‘puzzles’ puzzles, it was really just reading the game materials. Numerous game materials simply told you what the number was and it’s corresponding place in the code. In total the game took us 7 minutes and 30 seconds. My verdict was highly disappointed when I was set ready for an hour long escape at home and completed it in such a small amount of time.

The game cost £13.33 from Etsy. It is worth mentioning that having written a review on Etsy outlining my disappointment within 5 minutes I had been refunded for my purchase.

Personally I would give these a miss. It was far too easy to be enjoyable and no real puzzles!

Overall 1/5

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