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ClueQuest, London – Operation Blacksheep

ClueQuest is a very professional outfit on the Caledonian Road in King’s Cross (helpfully with a bus stop for the 91 right outside the front door!) I came across it when looking for top rated rooms in London, I found a review for their Origenes room, which was booked up for the night we wanted, however, they had lots of rooms and copies of the same rooms which is perfect for a large group. We were 7 tonight in Team Raveninghorde so I booked us 2 rooms of Operation Blacksheep to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Being early December they had a charity fundraising advent calendar which most of the team took advantage of with a couple winning sweets and top trumps, one winning a ClueQuest mug and another a £20 ClueQuest gift voucher.

We had two fantastic Game Masters Far and Hannah who looked after both teams fantastically!

Operation Blacksheep requires you to infiltrate the layer of the Evil Professor BlackSheep who has launched a human mind control satellite, your mission is to shoot down the satellite and escape the lair before it gets blown up.

The room is well decorated with a good number of puzzles which can be tackled straight away. The game has a good mix of puzzles which need other puzzles to solve and puzzles which can be tackled at the same time which I always like for our team. There was also a really good number of puzzles to solve so I can imagine a larger team of say 5/6 still having enough to do each! The puzzles also had a good variety between padlocks, keys and keypads and other (for more detail please go and do the room!) The clues given were generally a little cryptic to just nudge you in the right direction without spelling it out straight away. The room does require you to be thorough when searching! I was part of the group of three and we were given 3 clues in total for small things to nudge us right.

The room was an excellent escape room! I would say more experienced players would appreciate the room more, but it’s definitely a room I think everyone should do!! We escaped in 48 minutes 55 seconds for the group of 3, the four escaped in 50 minutes 59 seconds but only had one clue.

The room gets a high 4.5/5 overall score. We will definitely be back to do their other rooms!

Difficulty 4/5

Atmosphere 4.5/5

Variety 4.5/5

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