Escape Hunt, at home – Stolen

Escape Hunt have also come out with a series of print and play escape games, we’ve played most of the games in their Oxford branch and have been impressed each time, so we were ore than happy to give their at home game Stolen a go. The game uses a logic puzzles as it’s key mechanism which we enjoyed (though I may have made an error which caused us to need to quickly pause while I printed out a new sheet.) The pack consists of 11 pages, of which you only really need to print out 3, the rest can be viewed on a screen just as effectively. The game costs £14.99.

Personally I felt that the game lacked some of the variety of other print at home escape games in the puzzles and clues. We played this game as a pair and I certainly don’t think you’d want more than two people to play, it’s definitely a game that could be completed solo. The game was enjoyable and I’m certainly glad we did it on a Monday night during lockdown. The game doesn’t have an online input element like other games we’ve done, there is a link from the cover page to access clues and the solutions.

We completed the game in 48:55, it would have been much quicker (closer to 35 minutes) had I not made a fundamental reading error (the simple things, huh?) without any clues. Compared to the real life escape rooms from Escape Hunt, I felt this print at home lacked a little something. It was a bit more basic than expected given the price compared to other print at homes we’ve seen and played. However, we are still up for giving their other two games a go which were released later, so more chance to incorporate feedback. Being more basic there wasn’t anything that could really help give the game much atmosphere.

Being more basic and a bit easier, this would be a good intro to anyone who has never done an escape game before.

Overall 2.5/5

Difficulty 2.5/5

Atmosphere 1/5

Variety 2.5/5




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