ClueQuest, at home – Alpha Brain System

Alpha Brain System is episode 2 of ClueQuests Print+Cut+Escape print and play at home escape games. With the world in various states of lockdown due to the COVID pandemic so physical escape rooms not being possible it is great the escape games are being inventive to stay in business. To start with I want to encourage everyone who enjoys escape games to support the escape businesses during this time, either through buying gift cards for games you want to play once this is all over, or if the businesses are releasing them, doing their at home escape games. If these business aren’t supported at this time, they won’t necessarily be there when life returns to normal.

Onto the game…

Before playing this game I strongly recommend you play episode 1 Stolen IQ as the story is the direct sequel. The game uses the same mechanisms of the online portal for videos and to input answers, again we didn’t use the clue system so I can’t testify to how well that works. Like episode 1, I would really recommend cutting out all the game pieces in advance. Again the game has chapters and between the chapters time pauses on the online portal, which is useful if you want to grab a snack or another glass of wine mid-game.

This episode was more difficult than Stolen IQ and from what I’ve seen on social media most groups seem to be completing the game in over an hour. There were a lot of puzzles in this game which we really enjoyed and we thought were very inventive.

To clarify any confusion with the game and social media, if you have seen any talk about a ‘hard mode’. ClueQuest released an explanation on social media, that early feedback was indicating the game was a little too hard compared to the first episode, acting on the feedback they released a mildly modified version and gave the option to everyone who had previously purchased the game to play the new modified version if they wished. What they noticed was its of enthusiasts had already purchased the game, and naturally did the ‘harder’ version. Once the modified version was released it wasn’t possible to purchase the original ‘harder’ version which some were referring to as hard mode.

I played the game with my partner and we escaped in 1 hour 27 minutes, the game is a great example of a print and play, we are excited for episode 3!

Overall 4/5

Difficulty 4/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Variety 4/5

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