Escape Hunt, at Home – Murder at the Mansion

Murder at the Mansion is Escape Hunts this print and play escape game. We love Escape Hunts physical escape games having played all but one of their Oxford branch’s available games. Since the COVID lockdown in the UK Escape Hunt have released a series of play at home games which are £14.99 each. We previously have played their ‘Stolen‘ at home game (previously reviewed).

Disclaimer here – Escape Hunt gifted us Murder at the Mansion to play and review.

Like the Stolen game, Murder at the Mansion is based around a logic puzzle mechanism. The pack consists of 16 pages, there are a few pages which you will need to print, we tried printing minimum pages and quickly realised that it would be much easier to print them all off.

Step back into the pages of history and see if you can solve a dastardly crime. The year is 1914 and the wealthy Sir Charles Blackwood has been found dead under unusual circumstances. The onset of war meant the case remains to this day, unsolved. After a mysterious Will surfaces naming you as the sole beneficiary of his estate, the race is on to solve the cold case, bring justice to the Blackwood Mansion, and inherit your fortune! It’s now up to you!

Escape Hunt market this game as a classic WHODUNNIT escape game.The game certainly feels like a whodunnit, a very similar feel to playing Cluedo. The story line is well thought out. We played this as a pair, and again, I feel like this game could be played solo. There was more variety in the puzzles than Stolen but in many ways the game felt more simple to complete. There is a clue page online which also contains the final answer. To play the game you do also need e-mail access. As you get all the game materials to begin with the game is not linear, you can work a few puzzles as at the same time, which is something I enjoy. Overall, we enjoyed Stolen a bit more.

When compared to at home games which utilise more online elements, Escape Hunt is lacking something to help create an atmosphere for the at home games (which they do an amazing job of in house).

We completed the game is 40:54.

Overall 2.5/5

Difficulty 3/5

Atmosphere 1/5

Variety 2.5/5

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