Escape Hunt, Oxford – Worlds Collide

This was the final indoor game for us to play at the Oxford Branch, just the two outdoor games to try! We were desperate to get back in an escape room with the hiatus due to the COVID lockdown. Escape Hunt had good procedures, with masks and gloves mandatory in the premises, and extra time between games to deep clean. With COVID procedures the run up to the game was a bit different, but we were introduced to our games master let in the room, and were given the background.

Step into the future. Enter the offices of ChronosCorp HQ, where eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague’s efforts to develop commercial time travel have caused a tear in the fabric of space and time. In just 60 minutes the Cybermen will break through and attack Earth, and you, the Doctor’s friends are all that can stop them. Take too long and the human race will be “upgraded”.

There was the core 6 of Raveninghorde for this game. To start off this is not a game to play with 6 people, especially 6 very experienced players. The room didn’t deliver the theme as well as anticipated, the decoration didn’t quite hit the mark. The puzzles were all different, with few ‘traditional’ mechanisms.

There is a TV screen which plays an opening message and then displays the timer. We didn’t have any clues but I imagine that is where any hints will be displayed.

We raced through the room very quickly. Lots of puzzles could be done at the same time, while there was still some linear progression. This room would be better for smaller teams, and would definitely be a good introductory game for those who haven’t played any/many escape games before. It would also be a good one for teams with kids.

The overall verdict is it wasn’t the room for our team, but would definitely suit others better! If you’re looking for an escape game if you aren’t as experienced, or if you have kids, then do look at this. Escape Hunt are a fantastic outfit and have always been very well presented and professional. We escaped in 27:58 and overall it’s getting 2.5/5

Difficulty 2/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Variety 3.5/5

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