History Mystery, at home – MI9: Evade & Escape

Through the fortune of visiting our friends over in Norfolk, we found out History Mystery had an at home game, we’ve never played in of their games however our friends have played some of their rooms, so we were happy to discover a new company, though Norfolk is a way away from us. The game is a print and play escape game which makes good use of an online portal for additional content and answer input mechanisms.

As with all the print and play games I’ve done so far, I would recommend doing all the cutting and prepping before time, and especially making sure you have all the pages (we may have missed printing off the last 3 pages which made it a tad tricky at the end). And make sure your internet connection is working well (ours kept dropping out which made it more difficult)

You are a WWII allied airman forced to bail out in occupied Belgium. Luckily you’ve been trained to evade capture, with tools and techniques supplied by MI9, the wartime scale and evasion specialists who created the tools of the secret agent: uniforms and blankets that transformed into disguises, money concealed in board games, shoes with secret compartments and silk maps in the lining of clothes! It’s a long way across Europe to safety, who can you trust and can you make it out of danger before time runs out.

The game is £19.99 for the print at home version, History Mystery have an expected game time of 90 minutes rather than a time limit. And have the game as a 2-6 players. We played this game as a group of 5 and had a great time. As alluded to above we had a few technical issues (none of which were the games fault!) the game does use audio from the online portal. I felt the game was well presented and polished.

I think this is worth playing if you are looking for an at home game to play, I think this is one which both beginners and enthusiasts can enjoy. With the caveat of a number of technical issues which slowed as down a bit, we completed the game in 1:36:28

Overall 3.5/5

Difficulty 3/5

Atmosphere 4.5/5

Variety 3/5


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