Escape Milton Keynes – Sabotage

We’ve played Escape Milton Keynes’ other room Witchcraft and Wizardry previously and had been meaning to make the return trip to play Sabotage since. We played with a friend of ours bringing the team to 3 players for this room. The hosts were very friendly and explained that they have very recently changed the room a bit to make it more difficult. Before the change the room record was in the region of 26 minutes and post change the record was 49 minutes (earlier in the day in fact). The host made sure we were comfortable in how they may provide clues and that we knew how to operate the different types of padlock correctly, and then in we went.

You are in the MK express, the rest of the passengers and the driver have vanished and the two conductors have sabotaged the train leaving it stuck in a forward gear. You have one hour to save the train and escape or otherwise the train will crash.

I like the premise of this game, the room itself is well decorated with some great atmospheric soundtracking. The room is physically smaller than many we have done, however the room is still packed with plenty of puzzles. I liked the different type of puzzles they had in this game, a good balance between needing to find things and solving puzzles. As a team of three this room was great, I think teams of 5/6 may find they don’t all have things to do for the entire game. Clues were given at the right points, we got given 4 clues. We’d got the gist of all the puzzles and just had some minor nudges to correct some minor technique errors.

This room is a good solid escape room. Lots of fun was had by the three of us, I think this room really brought out the teamwork which is always good. We escaped in 42:11 which is a new room record! If you are in MK looking for an escape room, definitely give Sabotage a go.

The room gets a solid overall 4/5

Difficulty 3.5/5

Atmosphere 4.5/5

Variety 3.5/5

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