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Exit the Game – The Cemetery of the Knight

The Cemetery of the Knight is another of the newer releases by Exit the Game and was last weeks weekly escape at home competition against my sister. Self rated as a 3 star game, it was a bit spookier that the previous weeks fairytales.

According to an old legend, a priceless red ruby ​​is said to be hidden in the tomb of Sir Reginald Wreston and it can only be found when the moon is at just the right angle in the night’s sky. The problem is, the moon is only ever at the right angle at midnight on a specific night once every 87 years! But guess what? Tonight is that night! Up until now the crypt has remained sealed, and over the course of centuries, no one has ever succeeded in opening it. “Who knows what might happen tonight …” you think to yourself as you make your way into the darkness. Will you and your group of curious treasure hunters have what it takes to finally solve the mystery and uncover the coveted gem?

This game had some tricky elements in there. There were a few puzzles where you could be tempted to try and complete them before you have all the elements you need available to you. We had one point where we accidentally skipped a puzzle, which confused us at the end when we still managed to escape (though my sister is convinced it counts as cheating). It’s a solid game from Exit the Game, not our favourite, but worth a try. I think in this is probably closer to a 3.5 difficulty rating rather than a 3.

We escaped in 89:24 and used 3 clues scoring a total of 6 stars.

Overall 3.5/5

Difficulty 3.5/5

Atmosphere 2/5

Variety 3/5

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