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Exit the Game – The Enchanted Forest

I’ve lost count of the number of Exit the Games we’ve played now, but we still have a few more to do. With Lockdown 2.0, these at weekly at home escape game nights are providing a great source of entertainment (along with zoom switch mario kart!) Disclaimer, we played this game two weeks ago now, I’ve just not got around to the write up until today.

The Enchanted Forest is one of the new releases from Exit the Game, self rated as a two difficulty. We had not done any other two difficulties yet. The game is made to be very linear, it makes you go one puzzle at a time, one double page in the book at a time rather than letting you at the whole book straight away. I personally think it made the game a bit easier as it focuses the brain, you don’t get distracted trying to do puzzles you don’t get have all the pieces to do.

The Enchanted Forest is fairytale themed and I think would be a great first game for anyone, and would be a great one to do with kids as well. The theme is light hearted and there are still a few sneaky bits in there.

What you had planned to be a relaxing walk in the woods suddenly takes a very different turn. As you are walking over a bridge, it unexpectedly disappears behind you and you begin to encounter strange fairytale creatures and even stranger puzzles. What’s going on here — and how are you ever going to find your way out of this forest again?

We enjoyed this game and debriefing afterwards it was interesting to see where our opponents tackled puzzles differently to us.

It’s a fun game and as I’ve said previously at about Exit the Games, at about £13 a game, you get good bang for your buck and a fun evening. The Enchanted Forest is not the game you play if you want a hard challenge, but you can pour yourself a glass and revisit some classic fairytales.

We escaped in 49:50 using 0 clues and scoring 10 stars

Overall 3/5

Difficulty 2/5

Atmopshere 2/5

Variety 2.5/5

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