Unlock! – Tombstone Express

Tombstone express is the second game in the third box Secret Adventures from Unlock! We were pleasantly surprised to find we had props to pop out for this game.

1890. You are a sheriff and your mission is simple: ensure the train reaches Tombstone in less than an hour, at all costs. A marshal is on board and carries a precious package: a gem that could seal a peace treaty with the Apaches. So, you station yourself on the open wagon that is behind the locomotive, ready to defend the train, no matter what.

So your mission is to ensure that the precious gem makes it to the Apaches, this should be easy right?!

This game unfolds quite quickly we found, and you soon have a lot of cards in front of you to deal with. I think this allows the game to be played in a few different ways, and while it doesn’t make puzzles more difficult, it can make the game feel more difficult with so much more material that needs your attention. We played as a pair, but this is a game where I think you could easily play with 3 or 4 players and still have plenty to do. This game has a lot of ‘hidden objects’ which you need to find in order to be able to progress through, so be careful when you get cards that you thoroughly examine them, again with how many cards you have in front of you this can be easy to miss. Many of the puzzles we found to have more obvious solutions and this could take us away from an area which needed more attention. Certainly we found that we couldn’t work out what we needed to do next and then had to back track through a few different areas to find the next thing to do. In general there wasn’t too much which was combining cards and there were some machines involved which added some different ways of solving puzzles.

The game has a few twists part way through one of which includes throwing some cardboard bullets across the room, it’s a nice surprise and certainly had us laughing as we failed to hit the targets and had to quickly go and collect up all the bullets we’d thrown to try again. The game morphs at the end, in a way that caught us by surprise. It’s a fun game, and I enjoyed there being twists within it. Unlock! rate the game as a 2/3 difficulty, personally I would not say that I’ve noticed too much difference in the difficulty between the 1/3 and 2/3 rated games we’ve played so far. I think the main difference is that you can end up with a lot more content to deal with at any one time in a 2/3 rated game.

Overall I’m giving the game 3.5/5, we escaped in 42:49 with 1 penalty and 3 incorrect codes (I think that totals 9 minutes of penalties!) with 0 hints, the app gave us a 5/5 star rating (So you just need no hints!) Give the game a go, enjoy the twists it provides!

Difficulty 3/5

Atmosphere 2.5/5

Variety 3.5/5

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