ClueQuest, at home – Survival Escape Training

I’m going to start of acknowledging the elephant in the room, that despite the fact that this game was a Halloween special edition released by ClueQuest, we’ve ended up playing it in July, quite a number of months after we actually bought the game.

Following numerous reports of maniacal monstrosities terrorizing neighborhoods across the world, we present this emergency training course for all field agents – including you!

Originally released at Halloween this game is still available from ClueQuest as part of their print + cut + escape series of at home games. They bill the game as less serious than their other games and more a light hearted hunk of entertainment.

I rate the ClueQuest at home games highly, the effort that has gone into the design process is clear with well shot videos for the online portal, a good online portal system to put answers into and the artwork of the puzzles is top quality, the art is stylised and very much on brand! the puzzles have been well thought through and while some puzzles may be a throw back they take a bit of work through trial and error, which is something I’m a fan of having a bit of included in a game.

The game is broken down into four chapters, I very much recommend doing all the cutting before you start the game. The game very helpfully includes an index so you can keep all the pieces organised once they are cut out into the right sections, I appreciate this, it’s a small thing but being able to triple check you have the right pieces when starting a puzzle is very useful.

As highlighted above the game is intentionally not designed to be as serious of a puzzle game as their other games, but even for keen escapers this is a fun game to play. Theme yourselves up an evening either around Halloween or with a good old horror film and play this game for added atmosphere, especially with some Monster Mash on in the background! It is easier than some of the other print at home games we’ve played and one which would be a good for new escapers to play, so if you’ve got some friends who haven’t yet been inducted into the world of escaping this could be a fun night to host to give them a taste.

This was a fun game to play on an otherwise very relaxed Saturday afternoon. It’s not as difficult as other games, but that is not a bad thing for this game. We made the mistake of not paying careful attention to the time we finished in so it’s a bit of a guess, but we think we finished around 54 minutes. Overall I’m rating Survival Escape Training at 3/5.

Difficulty 2.5/5

Atmosphere 3/5 (note this game has potential to be a great addition to a Horror/Halloween party)

Variety 3/5

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