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Escape Reading, Online – Treasure in the Shed

Treasure in the Shed is an online escape game by Escape Reading, created during early lockdown in the UK. The game is a relatively quick, treasure hunt style online game.

Almost everyone has a place where they store the old and strange things in their home, sometimes a cupboard, or the attic. In your house, it’s a shed.

Your parents and grandparents were obsessed with their collection of old and antique objects. Over the years you saw many intriguing objects pass into the shed, though you yourself were never allowed within. Time passed, your parents moved away, and you were left in charge of taking care of the house. One day as you were cleaning the house you came across a key hidden in a secret compartment under the carpet. The moment you set eyes on it you know this is the one you’ve been looking for, the key to the shed. You rush out of the house, to the back of the garden, turn the key in the lock and enter the shed. You gaze upon the piles of objects before you…

The game is a click through game with some codes that you need to find and input at points. It has different areas which you go between to solve the puzzles. We understood most of the puzzles, we took a hint on a puzzle in the middle. The first hints for the puzzle are giving you the objective of the puzzle as it were, but then you jump straight to the solution. The images have a lot going on so you have to lock quite hard at times to find what you need to solve the puzzles.

The game is a free to play game with the option to donate to the company at the end of the game. I’ve not been down Escape Reading to play any of their live games, though their games are on my To-Do list. They have 3 other online games which are paid for available on their website.

Treasure in the shed is not the most exciting game out there, however when the game is potentially free to play, designed during early COVID lockdown, we’re thankful of the ability to play and it kept us entertained for roughly 40 minutes (we don’t know our time exactly as my browser crashed most of the way through!) We’re thankful for all the creators who took their time to create content for escapers to play, especially during the lockdowns when live games were not available to play. We’re looking forward to a trip down to Reading at some point to play some more live games with the team.

Overall I’d score Treasure in the Shed at 2.5/5

Difficulty 2/5

Atmosphere 2/5

Variety 2.5/5

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