Locked In A Room, Infinity – Milton Keynes

The Locked In A Room branch in Milton Keynes recently did a bit of a refresh swapping out one of their rooms for a new game. Having previously completed all their rooms, this was great news for us having a new local game to play. We grabbed a couple of friends, and the 4 of us made an evening of it. A friend of ours who would normally be part of our group had already done this room, so we knew we were competing to beat their time.

Samuel Pottenger and Albert Scabworthy; Two of the greatest scientists of a generation, forever locked in bitter rivalry. But now, Professor Pottenger has been kidnapped, and his fabled Infinity Device has begun to melt down, threatening all life on Earth. As a last resort, Pottenger has called upon the one mind powerful enough to find his Infinity Lab and avert disaster.

As Professor Pottenger’s most loyal interns, can you solve the mysteries of Pottenger’s house, uncover his greatest secret, and save the universe? Prove yourself worthy, and your names will live on through Infinity…

Locked In A Room run steampunk themed rooms that all run across the same story line. No matter what game you are playing there you are contributing to the main story line of investigating Pottenger’s kidnapping and trying to advert disaster. One thing I really enjoy is all being lined up, almost like S.W.A.T teams, at your game’s door and being countdown to burst in and start.

The rooms are decorated carefully with the steampunk theme in mind and are very in keeping with the theme (and each other.) I appreciate this consistency across a location, being able to have all elements decorated in keeping with each other adds to the atmosphere of what you are doing.

Lots of elements and different types of puzzles, including some which you don’t see too often in escape rooms and really add some variety. While many of the puzzles are for padlock codes, the elements to work out these codes is where the variety lies. There are also other mechanisms which work well and add something a bit different to the game.

We flew off to begin with making great time. It was almost heart wrenching at the end to find out we’d set off at a pace which was going to absolutely smash the room record, until alas, we got a bit stuck. It wasn’t the most simple puzzle we got stuck on, but I wouldn’t say objectively the hardest either, but once we clicked (with a nudge in the right direction from our games master) we were absolutely KICKING ourselves that we didn’t figure it out sooner. It feels like that will be the room record that got away …

It’s a room with multiple areas and I like the fact that once through the ‘secret door’ that you still need to keep moving between the areas to figure out the later puzzles in the game, this is something I do appreciate, not just forgetting about previous areas/ elements once you’ve moved on, but having that continuity through the game and utilising what you have available. There are some red herrings in the room, which afterwards we were discussing in the bar. ‘ Hang on what about xyz, did we ever find the bit for that?’

Room is a good mix of linear and parallel elements. The elements which are linear do help build the story of what you are doing, and when you have multiple areas, are somewhat inevitable. However, there are plenty of parallel elements, which is good when you have more people in your team.

This is a very good room, self rated as 5/5 for difficulty. Having only recently been opened they don’t have a full picture escape rate just yet. Another good thing to mention about Locked In A Room is that they have multiple copies of all their rooms, so in large groups you can break down into smaller teams and compete against each other.

Overall I’m awarding Infinity 4/5, we escaped with 1 clue (apparently they gave us a 2nd clue but we didn’t see it and solved the puzzle pretty quickly without it) and in a time 46:35 it was a really enjoyable game. They have an easier room which is not going to be around for much longer which is a good room for those who haven’t done many rooms, Infinity and their other room Parallax are better if you have a few rooms under your belt. We are looking forward to their next room refresh so we can come back and play another game with them.

Difficulty 4/5

Atmosphere 4.5/5

Variety 4/5


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