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Deadlock Escape Rooms – The Insiders

The Insiders is the first of Deadlock Escape Rooms virtual/print and play games. The game can be broken down into 3 chapters of roughly 90 minutes each. And seriously don’t start this game and expect to play it all straight through after dinner (it’s now 2am as I try and get some thoughts on paper... Continue Reading →

Unlock! – A Noside Story

A Noside Story is the first game in Unlock!'s third box, Secret Adventures. We've played all the games in the first two boxes, Escape Adventures and Mystery Adventures, and my thoughts on those individual games are already live for those who want to check them out. For anyone that is new here, the Unlock! series... Continue Reading →

Escape Room the Game – Space Station

Space Station is the first expansion pack that we’ve played for Escape Room the Game and it utilises the chronology decoder, keys and hint decoder from the base pack. When you finally regain consciousness, you’re staring straight at the bloodshot eyes of a dead cosmonaut floating by… Becoming an astronaut was your lifelong dream. You... Continue Reading →

Unlock! – The Tonipal’s Treasure

The Tonipal's Treasure is the third game in Unlock!'s mystery adventures box, and the sixth Unlock! game we've played overall. We have played the whole of the mystery adventures box in the last week. Unlock! games are predominantly card based with a companion app you need to enter codes into. The treasure of Captain Smith, the... Continue Reading →

Unlock! – The Nautilus’ Traps

The Nautilus' Traps is the second game in the Unlock! Mystery Adventures box, which in itself is the second in the series of Unlock! boxes. It's the fifth Unlock! game we've played in fairly quick succession. We attempted to 'sneak' in a quick game before a family zoom call, but as with all best laid... Continue Reading →

Unlock! – The house on the hill

The house on the hill is the first game in Unlock!’s second box Mystery Adventures. Having played through all the games in the first box, we decided to buy a whole load more Unlock! games, lo and behold we now have five boxes each containing three games that arrived earlier this week waiting to play.... Continue Reading →

Unlock! – The island of Doctor Goorse

The island of Doctor Goorse is the third game in Unlock! Escape Adventures and is self rated as a 3/3 difficulty. The game is card based and makes use of an app for inputting codes, using 'machines' and getting hints. The day had started off well. After weeks of hesitation, you finally accepted the invitation of Archibald... Continue Reading →

Unlock! – Squeek & Sausage

We were very generously given Unlock! Escape Adventures for Christmas by my brother. I've seen lots of reviews of the Unlock! games and knew that they were card based games. One thing to note to start is that more recent versions of the games use an app, whereas when the games were originally released everything... Continue Reading →

Escape Room the Game – Virus

Virus is the second game that is in the original Escape Room the Game trio pack. We played it pretty much straight after Prison Break (just leaving enough time to make another cuppa.) Virus is a self rated 2-star difficulty game, on the same level as Prison Break. You can broadly guess what the pretence... Continue Reading →

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