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Escape Room the Game – Prison Break

This is the first Escape Room the Game that we've played having been given the base box for Christmas. The Base Box contains 3 games, and the Chrono Decoder device and code keys. Once you have the Chrono Decoder and keys you can then purchase expansion games which require you to have this device to... Continue Reading →

Exit the Game – The Cemetery of the Knight

The Cemetery of the Knight is another of the newer releases by Exit the Game and was last weeks weekly escape at home competition against my sister. Self rated as a 3 star game, it was a bit spookier that the previous weeks fairytales. According to an old legend, a priceless red ruby ​​is said... Continue Reading →

Escape Milton Keynes – Sabotage

We’ve played Escape Milton Keynes’ other room Witchcraft and Wizardry previously and had been meaning to make the return trip to play Sabotage since. We played with a friend of ours bringing the team to 3 players for this room. The hosts were very friendly and explained that they have very recently changed the room... Continue Reading →

Escape Team – Missions 1-5

I came across the Escape Team print at home escape game on Escape the Review, it was highly rated under their play at home category and I knew I had to give it a go! You print out the materials from the Escape Team website and download their mobile app to go alongside. You start... Continue Reading →

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