Don’t Get Locked In, Leighton Buzzard – The Rock

Don’t Get Locked In is a small independent escape room business based rurally, close to the town of Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. The owner is lovely and clearly passionate about her business. I had previously done their other room The Secret Hut and was glad The Raveninghorde were playing their second room The Rock.

You are on holiday in California with your friends when things go very wrong. You find yourself on a boat headed towards an island in San Francisco Bay. The Rock.

The Rock is a prison break escape room based on Alcatraz.

Don’t Get Locked In run a Kudos system where by their leaderboard is separated out based on the number of clues you ask for – Gold is 0-3 clues, Silver is 4-7 clues and Bronze is 8-11 clues. Players ask for clues when they want them in the room, rather than the gamester providing them when they feel necessary, which is something I personally prefer. When we played this room there was the incentive of a bottle of gin if we escaped within the gold kudos bracket.

The Rock has a 39% escape rate.

Onto the room itself. WARNING – You do start this game handcuffed to another player.

The room is well decorated for the theme with some interesting decorative touches. Being a team of 6, with each player being handcuffed to another, co-ordinating the first section of the game was frustrating and interesting as we are very used to all dispersing and searching individually. Compared to other rooms there was less looking for keys and codes and more searching for other bits to solve puzzles. The room was relatively linear but too much that we felt our group size was too large. The room contained less puzzles than some, but the puzzles themselves were more time consuming, and we found that each one there was a eureka moment as we understood the puzzle, after we had spent a few minutes trying to work out what was needed to be done. One hint from me is that for this room you need to be extremely thorough with your searching!

We were stubborn on asking for clues to begin with, forgetting at the start that you could have 3 clues and still finish within the gold kudos bracket, we started off trying not to ask for any clues.

The room is a good room. I would recommend that you try a couple of other escape rooms before tackling this one. We used 3 clues and escaped in 49 minutes 44 seconds putting us second on the leaderboard for this room. Overall I’m giving this room a 4/5.

Difficulty 4/5

Atmosphere 4.5/5

Variety 3.5/5

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