Escape Hunt, Oxford – Escape the Wild West

Escape Hunt is in the Westgate shopping centre in Oxford, the first impression is very good with a beautiful reception waiting area filled with Jenga for those who arrive early (a Jenga battle did ensue between my sister and mother – they left it nicely for us while we were in the room for it to be finished once we escaped.)

Escape Hunt has multiple venues across the world (they are on every continent) and there are multiple venues across the UK.

They have lockable storage for any bags and they ask that phones aren’t taken into the room.

We took a team of 6 into their ‘Escape the Wild West’ game. Trying to find games which have enough to do for 6 people is challenging, in the past we’ve gone into rooms that say they can take 6 or more people however we’ve had players with very little to do. Looking at the leaderboard beforehand gave us a hint that this would be a suitably challenging room for our ambitions.

Our game host set the scene for us well (You’re good town folk gold miners trying to escape a deadly gang with your new found gold), opening the door for us, and in we flooded. The first impression of the room was very well presented. There were lots of puzzles to solve straight off the bat to get into various locks in the first area. The puzzles worked very well, and the room was far from linear, for us as a large group this room hit the spot.

There was a really good variety of puzzles in this game, it’s not all coded padlocks, there are more mechanisms in this room, compared to many previous games we’ve done, which we really enjoyed. The way the game was set up you could escape without solving every single puzzle, however to get on the leaderboard, you needed to have collected everything in the games. The room offers unlimited clues, but only after the first ten minutes.

The room was well designed with different sections, which as a game made sense, some games feel much more contrived, whereas this game felt well decorated for the story. There were of course multiple areas, and I enjoyed the fact that some puzzles spanned across the multiple areas.

Our group loved this room, no-one was ever not busy which for us is a huge win with 6 people. This room was a hoot to play. It is very clearly a slick operation, well presented and well run. We were very impressed and this is one of our favourite games so far, and we are certainly looking forward to coming back for their other rooms.

We used 3 clues at the end of the game in trying to compete to get to the top of the leaderboard. We escaped in a very respectable 46.08 (we were hoping for sub 40 minutes to top their leaderboard, but some missed an obvious clue for lock, and the final puzzle requires some finesse)

This room is one of our favourites so far, so I’m giving it an overall rating of 4.5/5

Difficulty 4/5

Atmosphere 4.5/5

Variety 4.5/5

Escape Hunt Website

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