Escape Hunt, Oxford – The Fourth Samurai

The team saw a return to Escape Hunt in Oxford after enjoying their wild west game. We were a group of 7 this time, Escape Hunt max out at 6 to a room, so we went for a group of 3 and a group of 4. We did two rooms, one group went into each room, and then we swapped and completed the second. I was personally a fan of the extra competitive element this added to the day.

The first room my group went into was their ‘The Fourth Samurai’ room. Our game host set the scene for us and led us in. The idea is that you are in the training dojo of a master samurai who has been corrupted by an object, you need to find the object and destroy it before he returns. The decoration was very well thought out in the room, which made it atmospheric as a game.

The variety of puzzles was good as well, no padlocks as such, but have no fear, there was a variety of different mechanisms to solve puzzles. It was clear that when some of the puzzles were solved it was the watchful game hosts unlocking the next part, but we didn’t mind this. We only had one occasion were we completed something at the same time, and only one thing unlocked, but having realised this we quickly repeated and got the second thing unlocked to continue.

In this room in particular I don’t think you would want more than 4 people for the puzzles available, I think 5 or 6 people and some of the team wouldn’t feel like they had much to do.

We completed the game with no clues in a time of 42.21. We had one puzzle which took us a while to figure out how to tackle correctly. The room was a little more linear than the wild west game, but there wasn’t ever the case that there was only one thing to be getting on with, so you could work other bits when you got stuck.The room was certainly easier than the wild west room we completed a few weeks ago, but still good fun! I really would recommend Escape Hunt, they are a very well presented, slick operation for escape games.

This room I think is certainly suitable for beginners, or groups who haven’t done many escape games before. Experienced groups will have fun, but can speed through this room a bit more, challenging for a room record time.

Overall I’m giving the room a respectable 4/5.

Difficulty 3/5

Atmosphere 4.5/5

Variety 4/5

Escape Hunt Website

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