Escape Team – Missions 1-5

I came across the Escape Team print at home escape game on Escape the Review, it was highly rated under their play at home category and I knew I had to give it a go!

You print out the materials from the Escape Team website and download their mobile app to go alongside. You start off with the tutorial ‘training’ Mission and Mission 1 free for access on the app. The app is a must as you need to enter the codes into the app to know if they are correct.

The app gives you an audio introduction for each of the missions and you can get clues through the app for how to tackle the puzzles. Missions 2-5 cost £0.79 each so for £3.16 through the App Store you have access to all the missions. Each mission has a maximum time limit which varies depending on the difficulty of the mission.

The missions are broken down into phases with each phase producing a five digit code to be inputted into the app. The phases can be worked on at the same time if you have multiple people. It was just the two of us playing today.

This was a lot of fun, some parts were easy, some parts were a bit trickier but at just over £3 for the pleasure you really can’t fault Escape Team too much! There was a good variety of puzzles for a print at home game and the professional finish of the app adds some atmosphere (even if you have Disney on in the background!)

We finished the missions with time to spare on each one.

Mission 1 with 7:28 left on the clock (15 minute time limit)

Mission 2 with 10:25 out of 20 minutes left

Mission 3 with 5:48 left from 30 minutes (we used all 8 clues on phase 3 of this one!)

Mission 4 with 19:32 left from 30 minutes

Mission 5 with 12:36 left from 30 minutes (we used 4 clues on phase 3)

Overall 3.5/5

Difficulty 3.5/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Variety 4/5

I would 100% recommend giving this game a go and I hope Escape Team release more missions in the future for us to play!

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