ClueQuest, at home – Stolen IQ

ClueQuest is an escape room in Kings Cross, London we visited previously (see Operation Blacksheep review). However, due to Coronavirus, physical escape games aren’t currently possible so they have developed and released a couple print at home escape games. The game has an online system accessed using a single use code into which you input your answers. Stolen IQ is ClueQuests first print at home escape game. ClueQuest offer a few different packages for the print at home escape game, the basic is a print it yourself at £12, they can print and sent it to you at £25, they also have packages which include gift cards which make the print at home cheaper, and you can also get both their games in a bundle. 

The online platform is good and uses a good mix of video and code input screens with a timer going in the corner, it gives the options for clues on each page, however I can’t testify to the clues having not needed any. You need to cut out the game pieces and I would recommend doing this before you start the online system. 

The game consists of three chapters for the three main parts of the story. You get all the materials for the chapter at the start of that chapter. I liked the use of video in the game and thought some of the puzzles were quite clever, and the game fits within the wider ClueQuest theme. This for me helped with the atmosphere of the game, especially having played one of their rooms in London. The game was enjoyable and I would recommend to anyone who wants to continue escape room fun during the pandemic. 

It was just myself and my partner playing and we ‘escaped’ in 45:42, the game was fun and the time flew by! We’ll definitely be doing the second game which acts as a sequel. 

Overall 3.5/5

Difficulty 3/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Variety 3.5/5

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